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Jeff the killer

I had a moment of inspiration PD:Here the video of the drawing process, if you are interested youtu.be/lTKMIuvZOVM Other Draw Jeff The Killer

Family Matters by MikaelBratLoni.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

At first, this comic was meant to be part of the series, "Jeff the Killer and Laughing Jack comics", though Sally in it seemed more of a different category. An idea I had while seeing my Step Dad w.

Jeff the killer

Done playing Slender: The 8 pages and my next goal is playing Mad Father. My friends said that its not that sc.

C'mon Tim, it's only for 24 hour :D

*Toby gets Masky fired* *Masky gets Toby almost killed* Masky: alls well that ends well! Toby: you almost killed me! Masky: But did I?

This is like “soooooo sweeeet”

Creepypasta Memes

This is like “soooooo sweeeet”

Jeff the Killer this reminds me of  "Wake me up when september ends" by Green…

Jeff the Killer this reminds me of "wake me up when september ends" by Green Day: Creppypasta, Creepypasta Jeff The Killer, Creepy Pasta, September

Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 27 by Sapphiresenthiss on deviantART. my fave pasta is LJ c: and I really love this story

I don't know if I should laugh at this page... or feel sorry for Jackie... For all of you guys who will think "Aww, how sweet, Jeff finally agreed!" - he didn't agree because he liked/loved L.J. He...

Oh Jack, you pervert! Next page: Previous page: Comic cover: If you want to use my art on any site. Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 51