sirius black headcanons

sirius black headcanons- Finally some that didn't make me want to tear my heart out.

the marauders and lily

And he actually drops the towel (because come on guys this is JAMES POTTER we're taking about) and lily squeaks and her face goes redder than her hair. A wolf whistle is heard from Sirius' bed and Remus just shakes his head with a smirk.


Headcanon about Severus and Remus making snarky comments at each other ^^^^Did this post just give me Snape Remus bromance feels? What the crap!

james and lily

I think she also admired how much he cared for his friends :') how he cared for Sirius who had a horrible home life, how they all risked their lives so that Remus could have company during every transformation and how he looked out for Peter.

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Happy Sirius Black I kinda felt like Sirius was a Lady's Man. So I don't agree with the kissing one but everything else - on point.<<<I can see Sirius being a little flirtatious heartbreaker.


the marauders - sirius black<< Love this. I so wish Regulus and Sirius had a chance to be brothers to each other instead of constantly having a rift between them.

James and Lily

James and Lily I sincerely think the reason she didn't immediately realize she liked him was because she was best friends with snake for a while and snake told her that James was horrible

This is really silly but I love imagine Sirius like this

I love the marauders<--- i love how even after Remus is on the verge of killing Sirius he still fixes his hair ^-^

the marauders and little harry

the marauders and little harry. I especially like the fact that Peter has been included in this post^AU. It makes his betrayal even morz heartwrenching