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Warcraft Movie Khadgar Ben Schnetzer Poster

Warcraft Movie Posters 10 of 11 - KHADGAR – THE SEEKER A rogue mage hungry for adventure, Khadgar uses his ever-growing powers to seek the truth behind the invasion of Azeroth.

ben–schnetzer: “  Ben Schnetzer in World of Warcraft ”

ben–schnetzer: “ Ben Schnetzer in World of Warcraft ”

Max Vandenburg is the Jewish man who hides in the Hubermanns basement. His father saved Hans life in World War 1. Hans promised that he would always help the family in any way he could. Max and Liesel are very similar in many different ways. They both have nightmares about how the miss their families. Both of them see Hans as a great source of safety. Liesel and Max also both have a history of fist-fighting.

Max Vandenburg is a Jew in hiding. He goes to live with the Hubermann family.Max is a fist fighter. Also, Max and Liesel become very good friends. Max and the Hubermanns just worry about getting caught.