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The more scientific facts reveal about our world, universe and how we came to be, the more desperately those in control of religions seek to maintain control over the "believers". They seek power, status and wealth.

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There is nothing wrong with being an atheist and I'm not going to be shamed any longer. People claim there is a war on religion but I feel more of a lack of respect from Christians because I don't share their beliefs.

I'm always a good person until a "friend" finds out I'm an Atheist. From that point on I all of a sudden am seen as bad, morally impaired, untrustworthy, where before these issues didn't exist.

Once a mind accepts and believes religious dogma it revolts against reason like it was a virus. - Antibodies attack reason = virus - Wally.GIF

Once a mind accepts and believes religious dogma it revolts against reason like it was a virus.

Myth. Seth Green More: #atheist #atheism

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And that's the point about beliefs. They don't change the facts. Facts, if you're a rational person, should change your beliefs.

If his greater plan necessitates that children suffer, it's a lousy plan and he's not worthy of praise.

My mother in law just told me that Tim Tebow is proof of God. I Facebook tagged her in this photo in response. Too harsh?

Stuff like this makes me appalled that people still believe in "the power of prayer"

We are so special to God and we couldn't possibly understand his reasons because we are too simple and needy and need to spend our lives being obedient, accepting our guilt and paying with our blood, sweat and tears (and tithing) to accept the payoff of eternity!

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~ Natalie Portman

NATALIE PORTMAN, sad to say this world is all the heaven people like her will ever see, pray for scales to be removed from the eyes of unbelievers

Finally the mind has been Opened

Finally the mind has been Opened