This makes the Geeky Girl in me go SQUEEEE!!!!  Double the Doctor Who fun!==> David Tennant (10) and Matt Smith (11) - Doctor Who 50th

my favorite part about this picture is that matt is just oh hey look, it’s david tennant. he’s a great actor and i’m proud to play the role he once played. but then david is all OMFG IT’S THE DOCTOR.

Yyyeeeessss! Team 10 Doctor!! I need this shirt.

Alex Kingston Team 10

River wearing a Team 10 Doctor shirt :) Alex Kingston being awesome!

Matt and Fez: an infinite love-story.... so it's not only the Doctor! XD Matt really loves Fez! Remeber: Fezzes are cool

Apparently, Matt and I have much in common. If only my fez fit my head, then I would NEVER. <----too bad they didn't finish the quote because Moffat said he was going to kill the fez as soon as he's got it.

A pinner wrote: "Even back then his wife was telling him what was cool and what wasn't."

Even as a baby, River was not a fan of the Doctor's fashion sense :) Also? I love that she calls Amy "big milk thing.

Matt Smith and David Tennant. I think this is too much for one picture...

Matt Smith & David Tennant There is so much sexy in this picture.

John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, David Tennant as The Doctor & Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones - Doctor Who

Doctor Who

They're like oh yah im just chillin with ma bud in the tardis this is all completely normal to the both of us even though we're creating a paradox. Who cares it's (David Tennant, Matt smith) ! Did you know that David is 3 in taller than matt


Reaction of 10 , 11 and 12 to learning they would be the next Doctor. Matt's reaction is SO Matt! I love Capaldi's reaction!

Doctor Who scarf guide(s), finally!! I can't wait to do this!!

Doctor Who scarf guide(s)

i would not normally go for pop culture referencing like this....

I made this for my friend who loves Doctor Who nearly as much as I do. :)

Ignore the stupid song rip-off. Look at that eyebrow. I adore that eyebrow. Second best eyebrow in the business, that eyebrow.

RTD and David Tennant on the Satan Pit speech

RDT and David Tennant on the "Satan Pit" speech. Funny he says he believes in rose then in the sixth seadkn when theyre in the hotel of " fears" which turns out to play off their faith. I think what the doctor saw was rose.<--- I love that theory

How many ways are people going to use this line? ;] The more you do it, it just strengthens the sound of Matt's voice in my head when I read the word cool....

And Here's Ginny!

Well I have a Harry Potter board and a Doctor Who board. I guess this will have to go on my Geek board haha