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Castle Pyke

From the Game of Thrones, Castle Pyke sits ontop of "the Fingers" which are rock structures that resemble the hand of the drowned god emerging from the sea. What is dead may never die. But rises again harder and stronger.

Orðlokarr Castle - Lega Nerd

Orðlokarr Castle by Mark Erickson/Mark of Falworth

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My entry into the CCCXI - Castle Category. I'm very unhappy with the pics I waited till the last minute to get everything submitted and Photoshop crashed my computer so I gave up and went with unedited photos at

~ Lego MOCs Fantasy ~ Untold Secrets in Elpis (main)

"CIVILIZATIONS AND EMPIRES" LEVEL 7: SPARTA AMASSES ITS NUMBERSUPDATE: I will be doing some fresh graphics for this one to make it totally clear that it is a full set... And conveniently, that also lets me put the brakes on this set a bit, so that "The Odyssey Begins" can go ahead faster, right behind Rome... After that, my strategic re-organization will be complete!The Odyssey set also has two Spartans in it, plus a ton of other cool unique stuff, so please vote for the O...

Level 7: Sparta Amasses its Numbers

Level Sparta Amasses its Numbers


Pyke Castle, the seat of House Greyjoy. By Anu Pehrson

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's home from work we go

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's home from work we go

César Soares built an amazing rendition of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage. The home is based on Thomas Kinkade’s version and has some great part usages, such as the teeth …

Lego Castle with waterfall, click and check out the detail pics: amazing.    I want to play with legos!

Tahnakai Falls: A LEGO® creation by Brian Corredor A LOT going on in here.

Stage three of my caste evolution project



What is dead may never die | Greyjoy stronghold from Game of Thrones in LEGO

What is dead may never die

Anu Pehrson has satisfied Game of Thrones fans by building a large replica of Pyke Castle. My favorite part of her model is the outstanding use of slopes and w

Winterfell, A Game of Thrones Lego

This Lego Winterfell is the creation of Sered, who spent a whole lot of time on this MOC. The castle contains a surprising amount of details, including…