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Occupy Democrats shared

Trump supporter “I love Trump because he says it as it is. “ No you love Trump because he says all the racist things you wouldn’t dare say because you’re not rich enough to get away with it.

People who are voting for Thieving Trump and they BELIEVE him. SMH.

Donald Trump - "A rich guy convincing poor people to vote for the rich guy by telling the poor people that the other poor people are the reason they're poor." and for uniting Americans to hate one another.

Jajaja pinche pendejo

To even consider voting yet alone vote for Trump, you must be one of two things: brain washed, brain dead, or just plain ol STUPID!

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If your first reaction to shootings is to think "Oh shit, Obama/liberals are going to try to take our guns!" Your priorities as a human being SUCK.

Democrats built that. All that. AND often with support from Republicans.

Democrats and Republicans Are the Same, Huh?: Voting Rights Act Decision SLAPS That in the Face

Democrats built that. AND often with support from Republicans before they lost their friggin' minds!