Monster Valentine Box ~ Originally designed as a tattle monster box where kids write down their “tattle” and feed it to the monster instead of tattling to mom. But, I think it would be a super cool Valentine -box-ideas

Kit de construcción de Monster

Monster Building Kit

Monster Building Kit - Print, cut out and create fun loveable monster for a party activity or just for fun!

in third grade : Tattle Monster. I tailored this for Pre k classroom and I use a tattle tree instead of the monster.  Works wonderfully!

Tattle Monster Classroom Management Poster - Great idea for the younger grades. Allows students to avoid unnecessary tattling to the teacher.

Telling vs. Tatling

Telling Vs. Tattling Activity Pack Looks like an excellent social skills lesson! This is a link to purchase this handout.

40+ Grants to apply for, plus tips and tricks.  Free stuff is the best stuff!

Grants to apply for, plus tips and tricks. Will be glad I pinned this later. Maybe I should put that grant writing workshop to use :)

Bulletin Board Idea. Cheesy pick-up lines, date ideas, Valentine Day traditions/facts...oh the possibilities!

25 Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Bulletin Board idea: Make hearts displaying students' photos and beneath it have other students write positive comments about that student. :D Bulletin Board Ideas,Bulletin Boards,Classroom Creativeness,Feb

End-of-year student gifts

End of year gift for kids (Silly straw and kool-aid packet)."Have a Kool Summer!" wagner for ive's class

Homework Club...this is a great idea! I send home weekly homework and this would be such a great visual for my kinders! It would also help teach them responsibility for turning in their homework each week!

Homework Club & a Freebie

Homework club- If they turn all their homework in on time, then they get to stay in the club! If they don't then they are out of the club. Students who turn all their homework in for the entire month get to come to the monthly homework club lunch.

Classroom Freebies: Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cuteness

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cuteness