Grab rail under sink

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This Universal Design bath remodel is an... outstanding example of aging in place design. The widened doorway with pocket door, open..

This Universal Design bath remodel is an. outstanding example of aging in place design. The widened doorway with pocket door, open.

Looks pretty basic, but a cornerstone of universal design is placing outlets no lower than 18 inches (and switches no higher than 40-44") and preferably positioned to”  “Universal Design”

Universal height for outlets - spaces - BuilderFish - shown approximately 18 inches above the floor

13 Universal Design Products Builders Should Be Using Now. Touchless, hands-free electronic bath faucet. Excellent for the bathroom and kitchen

Touchless, hands-free electronic faucets are universal because they help anyone who cannot move their hands very well. I like this because I always thought they were fun when I used them at the movie theater. They reminded me of luxury.

No seams between the counter and the sink. I like that.

An attractive option for a handicap accessible sink. Could be cheaply created with a used table of proper height.

handicap accessible bathrooms | Here are some more dimensions to consider while creating a universal ...

The bathroom sink dimensions get domain pictures getdomainvids is a set of home interior lift up the tone of the whole Home Interior.

24” Floating ADA Custom Concrete Bathroom Sink Trueform

Trueform ADA Floating Concrete Bathroom Sink is designed for a restaurant, bar or hotel and meets requirements for thickness, set backs and clearances. Wharton, New Jersey.

The Stone Pro Wall Mount Vanity Bracket is ADA compliant and is one of the best ways to mount and secure wall vanities or desks. It’s a natural stone countertop support that can be set at the appropriate height for ease of use by someone in a wheelchair.

Braxton-Bragg is the first distributor to offer the new Americans with Disabilities Act compliant Wall Mount Vanity Brackets from Stone Pro Equipment Co.

Belay In-Tile Handrail by Kohler provides the safety and security of a shower grab bar without looking like it is a grab bar. The focus is on the beautiful tiling in the shower rather than on the assistive device.

Kohler created a bathroom hand rail which can be seen as beautiful tiling compared to an actual grab bar. With the baby boomer generation getting older more and more are requesting sleeker designs.

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We applaud Seoul National University student Jang Woo-Seok, designer of the Eco Bath System, for his water-conscious and eco-friendly bathroom fixture design.

Cozy•Stylish•Chic | The Top 5 Kitchen and Bath Trends at KBIS 2015 |

The 5 Top Kitchen and Bath Trends at KBIS 2015

A look at the top 5 kitchen and bath trends at KBIS 2015 that included universal design, micro living, customization, color trends, and tech innovations.