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EA hat mal wieder die Spendierhosen an und lässt im Rahmen der „Auf’s Haus“-Aktion einen frischen Gratis-Titel springen. Diesmal für lau: „Dungeon Keeper“.

Dungeon Keeper: Das Original jetzt kostenlos laden!

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Partners Forever, Bulbasaur, cute, text, comic, sad, Trainer, Pokeball, Red, Professor Oak; Pokémon

Partners forever (By Neko) This is ME, I always pick Bulbasaur, I always pick the grass starter. Beautifully done

Dungeon Keeper - PC

I used to love playing Dungeon Keeper on my PC when it came out. Building up my dungeon, stopping those heroes from invading.

10 More Random Interesting Facts Compilation

10 More Random Interesting Facts Compilation

Johto gym leaders

Johto League Gym Leaders the remakes of this were my first Pokemon game so Johto is close to my heart

Box art by Larry Elmore, 1998, The 3DO Company.

One of my 3 most favored tunes from Might and Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven.