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Jamie van Dyke

Jamie van Dyke


" i hope that you never, not even for one second, become a secondary character in your own story.

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Lately, you may have seen more and more people getting a nose piercing that is relatively new to western culture.

Caroline Eastman

There's something about having freckles that makes a girl so beautiful, almost magical, I mean just look at Megan Fox, Gisele Bundchen and Emma Watson.

One Colour

“emilybador: “Emily Bador by Becca Nean Make up by Holly Dale ” insane ” those freckles oh my god ”

Pinterest: @EmilyKate09f #nosepiercing

Pinterest: @EmilyKate09f #nosepiercing

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I would abso-fucking-lutely love a guy to look at me and love me like mr big does ❤