botella de vino ligera por glow828 en Etsy

Five Light Wine Bottle Chandelier. This Chandelier is made from five wine bottles. They are hanging from a vintage 30

The Teardrop Clear Repurposed Glass Bottle Chandelier

This 4 light pendant chandelier is made from tear drop shaped bottles, 16 tall. The fixtures are set in varying elevations, but can be adjusted to

Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier: por IndustrialLightworks en Etsy

Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier - *This Item Was Featured On The Front Page Of ETSY!* This unique rustic cottage style chandelier is handmade and stained a distressed Bleached Grey color. Wiring is bl (Bottle Chandelier)

Recycled Bottle Chandelier The Marquis Clear by MoonshineLamp

This is a recycled bottle chandelier that I can make using any three bottles of your choice. I can do it with wine, liquor or water

Voss water bottle light

i've always like Voss bottles. A recycled bottle lamp chandelier fit for a downtown loft. 5 Voss bottles cascade down with glowing fire from vintage lightbulbs.

botella de vino ligera por glow828 en Etsy

This is a recycled wine bottle pendant with a vintage reproduction light cage hanging over it. The light is hanging from a pan lid for a ceiling mount.

209 luz lámpara de botella por MoonshineLamp en Etsy

The 209 Recycled Bottle Light Chandelier di MoonshineLamp su Etsy