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|| Dreifarbiges Brot || Was eine schöne Idee! Ich könnte mir das gut als Hefezopf vorstellen. Einmal pur, einmal mit Rosinen und einmal mit Nüssen.

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Tarallini aus Apulien - Rezept | EDEKA

Tarallini aus Apulien - Rezept

Christina Taralli are made locally (Scarborough, Ontario). They're great as part of a charcuterie platter, with coffee or on their own.

The Perfect Yuca con Mojo: - 3 medium to large yuca pieces, peeled, cut into thirds (into about 4 to 5 inch long ), then cut in half lengthwise.  Cover the peeled yuca in cold, salted water. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 30 minutes until yuca is fork tender. Drain the yuca. Allow to sit in the warm water so that it can remain tender. Otherwise it can dry out and harden. Before serving, remove the stringy, tough inner part of the yucca and discard.

It's all in the Mojo with Limes and onions, making the Veggie SOσσσƑT. delicious recipe for the Perfect Yuca con Mojo! Yummy Cuban Food garlic n lime

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Brot backen - der italienische Klassiker 'Tortano'

Knusprige Börek mit Feta

Knusprige Börek mit Feta

Taralli  (Italian Bread Sticks) huge recipe! 20 cups of flour!

One of the best snacks any Italian can have around the house are taralli, a crispy bread stick. At the store you& usually find them in small circles flavoured with hot peppers, sun-dried tomatoes or fennel. My Calabrese side makes them

Herbs and cheese pizza bread


Herb & Cheese Pizza Bread - scroll to the bottom for English version.

Knäckebrotkringel nach diesem Rezept  sind ein lecker zum Grillen.

Schwedische Knäckebrotkringel – zum Grillen oder snacken

Nudeltorte - Maccheronitorte mit Ricottacreme und Erbsen (Thermomix - Rezepte mit Herz)

❤️ Thermomix - Rezepte mit Herz & Pampered Chef ❤️ Rezeptideen &Co.

Rezept Poffertjes "Die Originalen" von Flensburger Jung - Rezept der Kategorie Backen süß

Poffertjes "wie vom Jahrmarkt"

Poffertjes, small disc-shaped pancake-like batter balls; usually served with lots of powdered sugar.

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Puddingschnecken - Kuchen