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May 10, 1933. A public burning of books in Berlin, Germany. A ritual “public burning of noxious Jewish writings” was held opposite the University of Berlin on May 10, 1933. Some 20,000 books by Jewish authors and non-Jews suspected of writing in a “Jewish spirit” were thrown into the fire by an angry and exhilarated mob, many of them students. Similar events were held throughout the country.

May 1933 - A public burning of books in Berlin, Germany

"It is forbidden for Jews to breathe the air." City limit. Buckow, Germany.

An anti-Jewish street sign in Germany (stillunusual) Tags: germany germanhistory history nazi nazigermany thirdreich blackandwhite vintage holocaust shoah jew jews jewish antisemitism antijudaism jude juden street streetphotography

This photograph, of a raid on the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, was found on the body of a German soldier killed on the Russian front. During such raids Jews were lined up in the streets and forced to stand facing a wall with their hands above their heads for long periods. Gestapo agents on the left are searching some of the victims. Beatings, torture or murder would be the likely result of any 8contrabande being found.

Poland, Jewish men with their hands raised being watched over by a German soldier. Belongs to collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive Origin:

The Warsaw ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland.

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Around Jews were killed in the Warsaw uprising, while more than had already been sent to the extermination camp at Treblinka. Men herded to their deaths. Never forget, photo, history.

© Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1977-148-19A / CC-BY-SA

timetravelwillbepossible: “ The Reichstag building in the morning after the fire, Berlin, Germany, 28 Feb 1933 More on the Reichstag fire ”

Nazi Germany, Hitler Youth rally in the Lustgarten, Berlin, May 1, 1933.

Nazi Germany, Hitler Youth Rally Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

Nazi Germany, Hitler Youth rally in the Lustgarten, Berlin, May II - Europe - The Prelude Description

Alfred Wetzler and Rudolf Vrba: managed to escape from Auschwitz and later compiled a life saving report about the Nazi camp

10 Unbelievable Prison Breaks - prison breaks

Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler were two Holocaust victims who escaped from Aushwitz to expose to the world one of the most heinous crime againts humanity. Sadly, no one listened.

Germany. Berlin Wall,  13 august 1961 | Flickr

found photos from Italy - vernacular photography from the collection of Giuseppe Savini