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Alle meine Klaenge (AMK) is an innovative gadget for children to play music in a unique way and this Sound Program can be used by a computer to transfer it as

Patrick Kim, Stacking Rhythm Band, stackable music toy, eco friendly

Stacking Musical Toy is a 2For1

cafe-boobah_lego-wall-at-corner_photo-by-silke-mayer.jpg 800×803 pixels - Lego wall ... definitely for the toy room.

cafe-boobah_lego-wall-at-corner_photo-by-silke-mayer. definitely for the toy room.

From left: Bitty, Twirl N' Take, and Push Power Play

For all its successes (and failures) over the decades as a mainstream consumer electronics company, Sony has always cultivated an alter ego — a weird place where crazy, off-kilter designs and.

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design » What’sUp

What’sUp is aimed at supporting exploratory learning and independence of children living with autism.

Tagamoto 15 Second Commercial--http://www.talesofarantingginger.com/2013/07/tagamoto-motorized-vehicles-road-sets-review-giveaway.html

Tagamoto, from the makers of HEXBUG, brings high-tech, innovative movement to micro-sized cars via its patented HEXBUG Nano motion technology, and combining .

Inside a sphere, your phone becomes a 3D interface you can touch, move, and play with

Project by ECAL/Marc Dubois This project suggests combining common industrial objects with several sensors that smartphones are equipped with, such as the gyroscope or the camera, in order…

Pocket: パズルを解かないと次のページに進めない機械仕掛けの木製パズル本「Codex Silenda」

Puzzle designer Brady Whitney’s Codex Silenda. Even though the wooden book only has five pages, you’ll need to solve a complex mechanical puzzle on each one before you can turn to the next.

Nascent Lets Anyone Design And Manufacture Gadgets  | democratizing making #makermovement

Nascent Lets Anyone Design And Manufacture Gadgets

Nascent Objects debuts printed modular electronics platform to solve the E-Waste problem


Palette's modular controller brings dials and sliders to your laptop (hands-on) - AIVAnet