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A gentleman knows that it takes what won her, to keep her. That is so true. Guys need to realize that.

The Gentleman's Guide

I need you to be strong for me. so i can be strong.

Hold her hand...make me feel safe...I may seem strong , but you are my weakness...

Sometimes, just hold her hand and make her feel safe and loved. - I love you Brian.


This goes the same for your man or people in general. The Gentleman's Guide 112 never let a girl sleep mad or sad

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So true.The Gentleman's Guide Even Prettiest Woman Could Feel Insecure If She Loves A Wrong Man What Makes Her Beautiful Is A Man Who can Treat Her Right.

Yes that's how you tell someone you love them!

When you say "I love you", say it in a way she'll want to hear it. Look her in the eyes; grasp her hand; and lean close to her, so she knows you're truly serious. - The Gentleman's Guide

Gentleman's Guide

The Gentleman's Guide - Kiss her like the first time, everytime.

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"a gentleman only has eyes for one lady. And that's the old school method of a gentlemans style today ::-)))

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The Gentleman's Guide Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age, being a gentleman is a matter of choice-teaching this to my future son(s), if I have boys

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gentleman's guide 17 Treat her like your mother, protect her like your sisters and love her like she's the one.


Quotes About Love 50 Adorable Flirty Sexy & Romantic Love Quotes Quotes About Love Description The best kiss is the one that has been exchanged a thousand times between the eyes before it reaches the lips.

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if 'keeping her' is the only reason you treat a woman right, it doesn't count imo. It's like being nice to somebody just to get in their pants. You should treat women (and men also) right because they are people

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18 Tips from the Gentleman's Guide on How to Treat Your Lady Right

She's my everything

She's my everything

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The Gentleman's Code a reason God made Eve from one of Adam's ribs. She is meant to protect his heart, and he is meant to keep her close to him and protect her in all other ways, including her heart.

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