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With these minimalist analog collages Isabel Reitemeyer tries to use as few pieces as possible, at best only one piece, to transport a mood or a feeling.

Abstract Collages of Bodies – Fubiz Media

Abstract Collages of Bodies

Enjoy the collage works by the Berlin based graphic designer Isabel Reitemeyer. I love her minimal compositions combined with a dada-like style.

Isabel Reitemeyer | Collage

Abstract Collages of Bodies Isabel Reitemeyer is a German graphic artist living in Berlin.

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photography by Tono Stano (Born in 1960 in Zlaté Moravce, Czechoslovakia). After studying photography at the Fine Arts School in Bratislava, Tono Stano became a film set photographer for Film Production Bratislava. He later graduated with a degree in pho

Welt der Geometrie

Minimalist Paintings by Erin Cone

reginasworld: “ Erin Cone creates beautiful paintings that combine realism, abstract elements and a minimalist tone.

Marcel Mariën - L’Oubli d’être en Vie, 1967

Phantom lover, deep desire or need for love. Alternatively - facing The Shadow, or communion. (L’Oubli d’être en Vie, 1967 by Marcel Mariën)

supernatural — the power of you.

"And in the dark night, she missed his light in between her arms. She wanted to hold him again, and tell him all the things she never did. And in the dark night, she felt all alone with a stranger by her side.

I love this street photography. Black and white street photography, abstract photography.

Photography inspiration

Landscapes- Landscapes through a fish eye lens look so interesting, would definitely like to try this.

Stunning photos taken with our Circular Fisheye Lens. The Lensbaby Circular Fisheye can invert landscapes beautifully. Adding a Fisheye to your repertoire will result in some amazing photography.