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"hey! did you know that one direction-"  "YES! YES I ALREADY KNOW!!!"  .......yea that's kinda how it goes

Someone actually asked me if I knew Niall was Irish. I facepalmed so hard.

I did this the other day xP

Or that awkward moment when you tell story about your life that you know is a dream but you want to make your life sound exciting

OMG this used to be me when I was a teen! .... Then a really scary, yet funny experience completely cured me of this fear!  LOL!

Its funny last night I was looking out and I told myself that no one's face is going to appear then my brother went outside, he jumped in front of the window and screamed.scared me half to death. Never looking out the window ever again.


This is the best teenager quote ever! I hate drama it is so stupid! If you try to start a drama with me it isn't my fault that we aren't going to be friends anymore!