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Zayn Malik

Rare picture of Zayn Malik caught roaming in his unnatural habitat; in public.

I just had to share this to pinterset,  he's so cute!

He looks so adorable like if you were cold he would wrap his arms around you and do the little awkward penguin waddle and he would kiss the side of your head and I NEED TO STOP!

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What is with this!!! These boys are killing me this week and its only Tuesday!

It's official, Zayn looks like a dud from Sunny Side, my towns gang district.



zayn malik

Someone's turning Wish Zayn Happy Birthday and click through to RespectPoint to write him a wish! Cheers, you beautiful people :) ♥


Zayn Malik @ NYC Slaying the color green💚

Flawless. ZAYN

Dang Zayn, back at it again with being prettier than me haha

I guess Gemma got a new brother

Zayn /w Harry's parents

Zayn malik

Love the shirt, Zayn.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik so much passion

This is the reason I feel such a strong connection with zayn -Kacie somegirl I dont know but relatable Me too - me-amen y'all!! I've met him before. I'm 17. He spilt coffee all over me. To apologise (although my mind was was going "I'm never washing this shirt again") he took me to dinner!! 3 of the best hours of my life! Then I got to meet the other boys!!!!!

and then I start saying stupid things.

there's something about zayn and kids that just, gets me

Zayn Malik, DJ Malik, One Direction, aww this kid is like mini Zayn!

You will be missed ZAYN. It was a fun 5 years

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik