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Weekly Wonder Woman: Superman/Wonder Woman Sensation Comics - The Medium is Not Enough

Enamorar, una palabra muy bonita, pero en este caso la utilizamos como ejemplo de una correcta redacción de un post y demostrar a Google que nos preocupamos

For years, the love triangle between Superman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane has been a staple of the comics starring the Man of Steel. Well, something’s happened in a comic released today that will change all of that.

super man y wonder woman - Buscar con Google

I don't like Superman/Wonderwoman as a couple--Clark and Lois all the way but this is some nice art.

As diferenças de personalidade.

Oh God, the cuteness is too much!

Superman's cool, Batman's not. (Superman-Batman art by Rafael Albuquerque, writing by Michael Green & Mike Johnson)

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The fabulous illustrations of Ivanna Matilla

Superman & Wonder Woman - line art: Jim Lee, color: Ivanna Matilla

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