Stay warm and look cool with this Futurama Bender Beanie. Made from acrylic yarn, the Bender beanie is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Futurama or for anyone who lusts to one day have robot eyes and drink booze all day with your human co-workers.


If you’re going to crochet for your pet turtle, its best to make him badass. Jennifer Olivarez crocheted this bowser sweater for her pet turtle, who might just raise an army and kidnap some princess now.

Gifts for Comic Book Fans

Leela If We have to poster

Barry Doyon is a designer/illustrator from Ontario that made these posters that will keep you productive until the year View "Futurama Posters Will keep You Motivated-ish" and more funny posts on Dorkly

foxes free patterns - Buscar con Google

Knitting PATTERN-The Failynn Fox Cowl (Toddler - Child - Adult sizes). via Etsy. So cute.

The new UGG, bring you a new experience. Time is changing, the price remains the same. As long as $39.

Snowball and Nine-Patch A girl and a glue gun: barbie organizer little owls hats! Do any of you other ladies like these owl hats for your li.

Shark Hat ☺ Free Crochet Pattern ☺  Oh my Gosh I love this! Buahahaha!! Sharks are my favorite animal so this is awesome comedic apparel.

Ravelry: Shark Hat pattern by Andrea of Drea's Crochet. I would pair this with the shark slippers I've seen elsewhere!


yoda hat, its son loved yoda in the very first ever Star Wars movie. I cant wait till he has babies so I can make this hat for his baby!


I usually dye my Easter eggs a solid color. I never get as fancy as making Futurama Easter eggs.

Crocheted hats... My reason to learn crochet :D

Awesome Crocheted Hats

Funny pictures about Awesome Crocheted Hats. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Crocheted Hats. Also, Awesome Crocheted Hats photos.

futurama personajes

Futurama Collectible Mini Figures

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae Hat - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Ice Cream Sundae Vanilla Hat for a newborn. Probably the cutest hat I've ever seen with the chunky little face

Grumpy Cat Hat

Grumpy Cat Hat - no way! haha i should make this for my sister, she is a huge grumpy cat fan hahaha :)