Hatake Family by Dranira

This is Kakashi and Kikyou and their son, Obito, before the Last: Naruto the Movie I'm in love with my little baby Obito!

Commissioned by This is a commission I really loved to draw! Sakumo watching over his son, and noticing how much of an amazing Father he has becom. Commission - Watching over you, Son

I don't know why, but i always see Zina dying her hair white after she joins the ancient elders.

Imagem de deidara, hidan, and akatsuki

Kakuzu is the gang's leader, Itachi the backup, Deidara is the one who likes to pick fights with other and Hidan is a scaredy cat from inside and sticks with these guys just so he look cool in front of others.

Ochatomo Series Naruto - Konoha's Break Time

Ochatomo Series Naruto - Konoha's Break Time

Pre-Order Estimated Release: October 2016 Series: Naruto Manufacturer: Megahouse Specifications: Painted, box of 8 ABS trading figures Height (approx.): / Characters: - Naruto Uzumaki - Mina____(I NEED THIS!

Hatake Family by annria2002.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Commissioned by ~ErizuStrawberries Her OC Sayuri Mizunami with Kakashi When she noticed that Kakashi was in a bad posture, unable to defeat their enemy alone, she decided to protect him.