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Hair and Make-up by Steph: Fifteen Ways to Pin Back your Bangs.professional hair and makeup designer

This hairstyle is basically the same thing as milkmaid braids, only modified to up the volume and lessen the big part in the back.

A bunch of tutorials on how to add volume to your hair! For those of us with thin fine hair. Love those bangs.

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My Wedding hair but it ended in a pony not a bun. French Braid Top Knot - Flip hair over and french braid from the nape of the neck until the middle of your head, then put your hair in a ponytail and make a sock bun

We all have those days when our bangs drive us crazy!  Sometimes we blow dry them wrong, sometimes we don't have time to wash and style the...

Fifteen Ways to Pin Back your Bangs

8 Steps to Easy Flat Iron Curls - SomewhatSimple.com #hair

Easy Flat Iron Curls

Easy Flat Iron Curls and I find flat iron curls stay in MUCH better than a curling iron. I also LOVE separating the curls with my fingers afterwards with a bit of OSIS twn curl.

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Fifteen Ways to Pin Back your Bangs: Pompadour; Mini Pompadour

Fifteen Ways to Pin Back your Bangs

Chalk Hair!  Fun girl time! I wonder if it washes out??? I would definitely do this.

How to chalk your hair! I tried it and it didn't work! Plus later I found out if you don't use hair chalk it can damage your hair. Use Hot Hues instead!

Steps: take two equal sections of hair and tie in knot. carefully add more hair to either section and repeat the knot. continue around the crown section of the head. secure with a couple bobby pins and... bam. done!    (Did this for my niece's 1st communion THANKS Pinterest Fam!!)

knotted milkmaid braid tutorialsteps: choose which side of the head to begin your knots. on that side, select two equal sections of hair just above the ear and tie a knot pulling upward. moving up [and eventually around the crown] carefully add more hair

LOVE!!!! How to apply hair tinsel - doing this for Christmas! ~WAMC Xmas Party!!~


I LOVE my hair tinsel. I get it done every time :) DIY hair tinsel ~ Christmas party!