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angrywhistler: Malcolm Liepke

Artist: Malcolm T. Liepke (b. oil on canvas, 1990 {figurative art female red-nosed woman face portrait painting

Malcolm Liepke

Malcolm T. Liepke (1953)

Artist: Malcolm Liepke (b. oil on canvas {contemporary figurative beautiful female head woman face portrait painting

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Artist: Malcolm T. Liepke (b. oil on canvas {contemporary figurative art pretty female head large eyes woman face portrait painting}

John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) English: Jane de Glehn in Corfu

In a Garden, Corfu (Jane Emmet de Glehn) by John Singer Sargent. Photograph: Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn and Jane de Glehn were great friends and constant traveling companions of John Singer Sargent.

Malcom Liepke

Malcolm T. Liepke - Waiting for a Friend - oil on canvas 76 x 53 cm x 21 in)

malcolm t liepke

Malcolm T. Liepke (1953)

'Head study' - Malcolm T. Liepke (b. oil on canvas, The emotional connection, 2002 {contemporary artist figurative female woman painting}

American painter Michael Carson

American painter Michael Carson (b. {contemporary art influenced by Toulouise Loutrec, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, Malcolm Liepke, and Milt Kobayashi}

andrew atroshenko

Andrew Atroshenko Enlighten oil painting for sale; Select your favorite Andrew Atroshenko Enlighten painting on canvas or frame at discount price.