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So happy...

Give me a good cup of coffee and a book I love, and I'll be happy. (Or tea. Tea works too.


Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Although I haven't been through all of them yt, many of these things have happened to me..

25 Signs You're Addicted To Books

25 signs you’re addicted to books. 25 signs that you might actually have a brain. excuse the language


100 Books Worth Reading Always looking for lists of books to pretend I will read one day. /// I've seen book lists. I want to know the person who suggests a book.

Book | 著作 | книга | Livre | Libro | Read | 読む | Lire | читать | Leggere | Leer | Reading | Imagination | We can relate.

Look at all the books…

This is so me! My husband would always buy me a new bookshelf every time there were more books than shelves!

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