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What if I'm in the anime fandom and Destiel fandom do I just feel scared more myself then break out into song?

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This means a lot to me because I get so shaky during public speaking that it looks like I am having a spaz attack and you can literally hear my voice shaking. Knowing this will just help me with my public speaking complications.I love Dan!

Dan And Phil, Phan


Dil is a fiction sims character. I should not be feeling this extreme hurt and sympathy for a sims character.

esp. the fact that d&p don't mind:

Even on page 2 of tabinof, it says "Dan Howell and Phil Lester have asserted their right to be identified as the author".


im praying that either phil does this or dan says it to him>>>I actually thought of Phil coulson but I guess either would work <---- Yeah I'm pretty sure she's talking about Phil Lester because her URL is howellinfordan.<<< Dan better say this to him

danandphil, danisnotonfireandamazingphil, amazingphil, danisnotonfire, danandphilgames

danandphil, danisnotonfireandamazingphil, amazingphil, danisnotonfire, danandphilgames<<< I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I sing that song when I'm scared and scream at my friend

Headcanon accepted

Asdfghjkl I'm fucking dying right here quick phan trash down *waves a crafty flag*

This cut off tO a bAd sTaRT

I don't even ship Phan that much. Sorry, don't throw Phan related things at me<<<< I DO ship phan but I'm not crazy about it not bother the phandom but I'm still sometimes grateful for those ppl

Comment "stay hydrated" on everything<<<Also comment "rubber up for uncle Dan on everything"

Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil but for Phil we should make the "Toxic" video most viewed omg

Aww I mean I would choose my best friend as well tbh

AGHH <<< But also, like, if Phil's phone went to voicemail, dan would look up their first video of them together and be sent off with happiness and good memories.<---- GUYS ring(📞)Phil or, Ring(💍) Phil💀😍😭