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A darling hat. A cute dress. Soon to be a drunken mess. Sounds like the kentucky derby?

Funny!! No kidding

the lesbian couple that live a block or two over who have the landscaping that i love - one of their cars is COVERED in bumper stickers.so so funny! one of us is going to need to buy an electric car and get a bunch of bumper stickers.

Today I saw something that reminded me of you. But don't worry, I flushed and everything went back to normal. | Thinking Of You Ecard | someecards.com

Funny Friendship Ecard: So then they handcuffed me and said 'Anything you say can and will be held against you' So I said 'Johnny Depp'. Robert Downy junior, Liam and Chris Hemsworth!

If all pirates looked like Johnny Depp, I might consider getting a boat.

If all pirates looked likeJohnny Depp, I might consider getting a boat.

country chic

MUFFIN TOP bahaha I know a few girls that need to hear this lol:)


Funny Friendship Ecard: It's no longer 'box wine'. The classy term is 'Cardboardeaux'. I need some wine.


Introvert Problems: I'd love to hang out with you, but I need to be alone today. If I have any social interaction in the next 24 hours, someone will die. This so me!


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Well Good For You Ex

How crazy is it the last 3 posts on this board were kermit. totally unplanned, but maybe that's why him and Miss Piggy broke up after all these years.

And when you come to a fork in the road, well, take it. Because, hey, free fork.

Anne Taintor

If you’re going to kick ass, you need kickass shoes. Shoe quotes on…