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27 Bilder, die beweisen, dass Katzen wirklich überall schlafen können

27 Bilder, die beweisen, dass Katzen wirklich überall schlafen können

omg i died. Im getting this for the next friend who has a little nugget<3

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Kitten From October 2011 Floods in Thailand… Suggestion: always treat animals with the same dignity and kindness, that you would want to be treated with… This just broke my heart, poor little kitten!


We took a lot of heat from dog owners after our last post about dogs that immediately regretted their poor life choices, so we decided it was time to spread the heat: this is Bored Panda's ultimate list of cat-fails! Maybe cats are more agile, and maybe e

HAHAHA... ...The smaller cat's face -- priceless!!!!!!!

lol the kittens face. Let's see, The cat harasses the kitten and the dog feels sorry for the kitten and teaches the cat a lesson, which the kitten obviously enjoys.

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The 40 Best Animal Cuddlers Of All Time

Dogs are man's best friend. And cat's purrfect pillow. In this post collection of 12 photos of cats treating dogs like pillows.

Some Bengals are generally talkative while others prefer to wait for the right time to communicate. Many Bengal Cats have an affinity for water and will enjoy ...

13 Smartest Cat Breed In The World

* * HEARTEN thought that if you squeezed humanity thru a wine press, the essence would flow out as policemen. [PRACTICE: Dubbing over old movies with menacing purrs. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

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Top 40 Funny Cat Pictures 2017 - Cats are so funny


Doggie window seat love how their colorings match . orange and white tabby cat sitting on napping golden retriever