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A Different Kind of Summer Reading  How to help your dyslexic child when school’s out

A Different Kind of Summer Reading

Want to make sure your dyslexic child doesn’t regress this summer? Learn how to help them develop their reading skills after school’s out, on Babble.

Matrix of Multisensory Structured Language Programs.  Know the Framework for Informed Reading and Language Instruction.  http://www.interdys.org/ewebeditpro5/upload/MSL2007finalR1.pdf

Successful teaching programs for dyslexia & language learning disabilities ~ Multisensory Structured Language Programs from IDA

teaching methods and additional information for teaching children with dyslexia

When teaching exceptional learners, use multiple sensory methods to increase the likelihood that they will remember what you are teaching. Branch away from sight and auditory only- let them touch, move, and create!

Homeschooling With Dyslexia: How to Teach Reading - Abundant Life

How to Teach Reading to the Dyslexic Learner - A 10 Day series from Abundant Life. basics you'll need, and curiculum

Improving Spelling for Students with Dyslexia

Improving Spelling for Students with Dyslexia

Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning: Improving Spelling for Students with Dyslexia

all about Dyslexia- a superb video and many links "Good readers use the super highways of their brains while dyslexics tend to use country roads to get to the same place....but there is good news."

Public (School) Enemy Number One: How Structural Racism Undermines New Orleans Public Education

Teaching through VAKT multisensory approach - YouTube

A visual Spelling Technique for Dyslexia, but works wonders with most kids. A great way to introduce spelling words.