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They're all so cute!! Especially Kakashi trying to be all cool not even watching the movie

Movies with the Naruto characters! - Kankuro, Neji, and Chouji are missing!


Lol sorry Sakura but it looks like you won't be ending up with Sasuke or Naruto XD. this is so funny Naruto SD

"It really thought me the lessons of life and it will further succeed to teach many such lessons"

"Correction : Kakashi taught me how to be awesome. Naruto taught me how to be friendly. Madara taught me how to be badass. Shikamaru taught me how to be smart. Sasuke taught me how to be a contemptuous douchebag.

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LOL, Madara is judging you. do something to keep him entertained I just needed to draw some Fluffydara, so here is it, take some bored Uchiha with a bunch of my favorite colors as background *r.

I want to color this picture like anime screenshot xD something like that. Follow me on Facebook if you like my art -> www.facebook.com/LesyaRei ; More Madara arts here-> lesya...

I love to do something like that. More Madara and MadaHaru arts i. Madara x Haruko(OC) - The Dance of Love