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Go see Nickelback this week - Win Picture.  Honestly, the truth......

45 Hammers pounding your head or a Nickelback concert, your choice

golden girls sophia petrillo costume!  haha

This little lady is Sophia from the Golden Girls. We had no recollection of the Golden Girls when we named our baby Sophia but this is a great Halloween costume

Cool Funny Pictures - January 05, 2015 Check more at http://oddstuffmagazine.com/funny-pictures-january-05-2014.html

‘The Average Woman’s Magazine Cover’ Gives An Honest Take On What Women’s Magazines Are Actually Selling

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

So, a man walks into a bar with a monkey. I forgot the rest of the joke, but your mom is a whore. Those SNL Jeopardy skits were the best!

Liam Neeson trained Batman, Obi Wan  Darth Vader. He is both Zeus  Aslan making him a god in at least 2 religions. He also punches wolves. Why would you try to kidnap his family? funny-stuff

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Evaluation of dance

Funny pictures about Evolution of dance. Oh, and cool pics about Evolution of dance. Also, Evolution of dance.

arrested development

Buster's photobooth moment with a sheep. From Arrested Development. I know nothing about Buster but I love sheep!

your mother, trebek

I moustache you a question. But I'm shaving it. - Sean Connery mustache you a question. But I'm shaving it for later.

Do you have a bathroom?

How about you?

too funny . ask a stupid question - get a stupid answer :D

Definitely one of my Oh No Nos.    Tom Explains His "Oh No No" List on Parks and Recreation - www.tressugar.com

Tom Explains His "Oh No No" List on Parks and Recreation

"When I'm dating someone, I have a list called 'oh no nos,'" Tom Haverford explains last night on Parks and Recreation. An oh no no offense is