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Tribute to Martin Margiela 2 - His Early Works, Concepts, Stores, and Team

Shoping Centre Ainoa w Helsinkach - kwintesencja skandynawskiego designu.

Ainoa is a shopping centre in garden city Tapiola, located in the western part of Greater Helsinki. Tapiola is one of the world's most important examples of construction ideologies. We were asked to create a visual identity and a graphic design for t…

Ladies & Gents Pinned by Ignite Design & Advertising, Inc.

the bathroom signs are visually appealing through the use of type. The thin, elongated font for "Ladies" reflect femininity and the bole letters for "Male" show masculinity.

28 Beautiful & Creative Signage Designs | From up North

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neon sign: The best cafe, bar and restaurant interiors of the year gallery - Vogue Living Alfredo's Pizzeria (QLD) by Derlot.

Martin Margiela & Jean-Paul Gaultier

Martin Margiela ,Jean-Paul Gaultier when Margiela worked in the atelier of…

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{Style}: Fashion brand Maison Martin Margiela is well known for its innovative and essential style. Throughout his career, Martin Margiela.

Mirka Laura Severa - Lacoste F/W15

The Classic Polo Conceptualized

中山雙連區散步路線|尋找小招牌系列|聽旅行 HearHere|聽有溫度的旅遊語音導覽。

中山雙連區散步路線|尋找小招牌系列|聽旅行 HearHere|聽有溫度的旅遊語音導覽。