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Oblique Circulation Benjamin Dillenburger

theeversocool: “ n-architektur: “ Oblique Circulation Benjamin Dillenburger ” That moment when someone does your project better than you.

Material Research (Exhibited at 032c workshop) Barkow Leibinger

areashape is a virtual space for experiments and reflection at the intersection of between art, architecture, daily life and design.

Gerard Caris experiment in pentagonism modular residential construction:

Project: Study in Geometry- "Pentagonism" Designer: Gerard Caris Studies evolve from simple concept sketches and models to gradually considering the human inhabitant, transforming the concept into an actual work of architecture.

Kengo Kuma  隈 研吾展 Studies in Organic│グラナダ・パフォーミングアーツ・センター

「隈 研吾展(くま けんご) Kengo Kuma Studies in Organic」開催 ギャラリー