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Dont sweat the small stuff

Sometimes the best revenge is to ignore them and be super happy instead. It works, trust me!

I’m always disappointed

I'm always disappointed when a liar's pants don't catch on fire.


Yes, it's my fault you acted like a total jerk. I am the dickhead fairy and I sprinkled asshole dust on your head when you weren't looking.


If you have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, NPD or abused by a sociopath/psychopath then you can find help here. Free yourself of the abuse with educating yourself and removing the toxic people from your life. Knowledge is power!

i hate a fake bitch - Google Search

with each and every lie you tell and the deeper you live your life in this "fake" world you live in, the happier I am that you're not around, it was too hard to keep up with what real and what was fake!

A big eye opener and not a pretty one

A big eye opener and not a pretty one