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Cuteness overloaded

It never showed Louis punching the girl fan in the face. Like seriously, that girl said she could have died.

Omg i absolutely loved that video!! Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson / Zayn Malik / One Direction / Best Song Ever / BSE/

Actually my mom loves one direction!she loves the best song ever video!<< I wish my mom did

Haha! I actually saw a guy who looks just like Louis. I was at Six Flags (with @Amber Posey) when I saw him, and for a minute I was like "What in the world is Louis doing here?!" Then I realized it wasn't him. Just some guy lucky enough to look like him.

LOL For real ! And we WILL find you ! Because we're Directioners! If we can find the boys' blood types, we can find you boys.) WE GON FIND YOU

we have buzz, woody, jessie, and bullseye! Liam should come over for a play dateee:)

Liam's love for Toy Story. That one reason why I love Liam

Lol true

Puberty hit them harder than that bus hit Regina George.

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And I thaught zouis was the realest friendship.