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Confessions of a #Nurse: The 5 Mistakes I Have Made

Hardest thing I've done. Most stress you'll ever undergo but I love my job.

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Did you check your friends' pockets? Do you know how much that medication costs? Now I just tell them all the places I looked when I'm telling them the medication I need.


The look I give during report when the oncoming nurse nitpicks about stupid shit

I know a few teachers who feel this way too.

Any nurse working this Christmas will need extra gifts and treats! They'll be working Christmas and it's a full moon!

always getting blamed//

Oh and it's the ER nurses' fault because the hospital is in full capacity. All the damn time.


Laughter is the best medicine. This can very appropriately be applied to the field of nursing as well as it is a very demanding profession and a little bit of laughter and giggle here and

This is true! Whenever I hear running footsteps I get a rush of adrenaline... Then I remember that I work with some nurses who are willing to run for things that I consider worthy of a brisk walk at the maximum.

Or a bed alarm.mainly a code though. So move your ass and you can do chest compressions!

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The look I give my patient when they're trying to get out of bed. "Don't you dare set that bed alarm off!

I love my job LOL :) I'm sure some people could relate to this. Pinned it because it was pretty funny.

Paul got a taste of it this when he had to deal with his new insurance company/retirement rep/doctor's office. He still doesn't have the correct plan information on his insurance card.

95 Funny Nursing eCards and Memes - Nurseslabs

95 Funny Nursing eCards and Memes

Nursing eCard: Nursing: A profession where you must also wash your hands BEFORE using the restroom.