Lina Cavalieri♥

Lina Cavalieri, Italian opera soprano, actress, and monologist, and one of the most beautiful women of her era.

Lina Cavalieri’s face, explained Piero Fornasetti, was another archetype – a quintessentially beautiful and classic image, like a Greek statue, enigmatic like the ‘Gioconda’ and therefore able to take shape into the idea that was slowly building in his mind. It was this formal, graphic appeal (rather than Lina Cavalieri’s celebrity) that demanded such loyalty and inspired the spontaneous and ceaseless creativity of Fornasetti. For him, this face became the ultimate enduring motif.

Natalina "Lina" Cavalieri December 1874 – 7 February was an Italian opera soprano singer, actress, and monologist.

Lina Cavalieri♥

Lina Cavalieri Famous Italian Opera Star Beautiful Romantic Winter Portrait with Hat Original Rare Photo Postcard Used in Belgium in 1901

Circa 1902 French Theater Lina Cavalieri Opera Singer Music Hall Photo Postcard | eBay

Circa 1902 French Theater LINA CAVALIERI Opera Singer music hall photo postcard

Lina Cavalieri circa 1900 on Early Outsized Postcard at redpoulaine

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Lina Cavalieri on Early Outsized Postcard, circa 1900 Lina Cavalieri, Belle Epoque opera diva, in her time considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world, in costume for the Opera Grizelda.

Lina Cavalieri, 1900Piero Fornasetti's Muse for the Series "themes and variations".

Lina Cavalieri, Piero Fornasetti's Muse for the Series "themes and variations".

Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri Italian opera singer and "the most beautiful woman in the world." Here, she's looking very much like a peroxide blonde. Women did bleach their hair back then. It was considered both disreputable and sexy.

Лина Кавальери | СПЛЕТНИК

Лина Кавальери | СПЛЕТНИК