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fuckyeahsidecuts:    http://swedishcoffeecup.tumblr.com/

fuckyeahsidecuts: http://swedishcoffeecup.tumblr.com/

For a more versatile shaved hairstyle, shave both sides of your long mane and tie it up in a pretty pony.

11 Shaved Hairstyles That Will Make You Want an Undercut

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Half Shaved Hairstyles for the females new fashion trends in Hair style, long, medium and short hair styles with unique designs.

love this! I loved when I had the bottom half of my head shaved it was so much…

Formal faux hawks, undercuts, and other lady-mohawk awesomeness

LOVE THIS HAIR STYLE! Would consider actually shaving the sides of my head if I knew I could do this every day. Long Hair updo with undercut/ shaved sides. Orange and red color

Frauenhaarschnitte mit einem rasierten Tempel und einem Nacken | Mode

Frauenhaarschnitte mit einem rasierten Tempel und einem Nacken

love the pattern on the side not sure i would look good with that color but she rocks it!                                                                                                                                                      More

This girl, oh my gosh shes perfect in my eyes. Her hair, her makeup, eveything // I've been hella jonseing for an undercut lately but was nervous about what it'd look like with long hair/bangs. but now I see it looks awesome