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The shortest episode of the soap EVER

The Secret Feather Swirl Cold Process Soap ~~ The finished cut soap is shown at the end of the video while the video itself shows you how to achieve this look.

The Secret Feather Swirl, a Cold Processed Soap. Like many of you, I have been mesmerized by the Dandelion Secret Feather Swirl and thanks to Claudia's artfu.

How To Make Petit Four Soap Video and Recipes...this is so cool, would make great gifts!

How to Make Petit Four Soap Video

Peacock Swirl in Cold Process Soap (Video)

Peacock Swirl in Cold Process Soap (Video

Soap with heavy cream

Soap with heavy cream. Do you ever read over recipes or watch soaping videos and wonder why soapmakers use the ingredients they use? After all, the only essentials for a good bar of handmade soap are oils, water, and lye…

Soap & Restless: Pipping Flower Soap Video At Last

Last time I promised to show a short video clip of how I pipped those flower soap I used to dress up my soap top like these: I finally.

Making Candy soap - Soap Queen TV

How To Make Soap Videos: Candy Soap

Anne-Marie teaches a creative and advanced melt and pour technique. In this episode, the Soap Queen makes some soapy candy that look so good youll want to sn.