Perception from A Horse. and when you successfully get the horse to be cool to finally just stand on it..such a proud feeling! :)

OR if you're some of the horses I've ridden, you could unexpectedly jump over the entire bridge, just to be sure you don't have to touch it.

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A reminder sheet for behind the teacher desk to remember how/why to differentiate. 10 Quick and Easy Differentiation Strategies I found this on a classroom wall yesterday

persistence video for kids - YouTube

Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon Another illustration of making Inferences. Make inferences regarding emotion based on facial expression

Each student selects ONE color marker - all markers must be different.This will allow you to identify which student did what on the poster.

I had forgotten about this group-work time strategy: Collaborative posters - Each student has one colored marker. Students are not allowed to swap colors with other students. Teacher can assess at a glance who contributed what to the activity.

back to school printable - school note

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