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Wer ist Freund, wer ist Feind im Nahen Osten - http://www.dravenstales.ch/wer-ist-freund-wer-ist-feind-im-nahen-osten/

The Middle East Friendship Chart - Great idea - it's a Middle Eastern Cheat Sheet

Long distance relationships, in reality, aren't less happy or satisfying than near distance relationships. However, moving closer may not always be the best idea for continuing the relationship (critique).

15 Long Distance Relationship Statistics

Infographics - Science of Relationships long distance relationships college students

Herlinde Koelbl has been photographing Merkel since 1991. Koelbl says that Merkel has always been “a bit awkward,” but “you could feel her strength at the beginning.”

The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel

December 2014 -- George Packer paints an in-depth portrait of Angela Merkel, the world’s most powerful woman. (Photographs by Herlinde Koelbl / Agentur Focus / Contact Press Images)

Gun deaths vs. Gun Ownership for OECD countries

food for thought: Gun-related deaths per capita vs. gun ownership per capita in OECD countries:

The geography teacher in me loves this, and would love to have a poster of it for my classroom.

I love puns. One day, they'll be really cool instead of really, really lame. A girl can dream!