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Would like ride this most definitely Roller Coaster, Magelibanen, Norway. What a beautiful view from the roller coaster!

Small gap between two continents - tectonic plates between Europe & America

Tectonic plate gap between Europe and America. Wouldn't it be an adrenaline rush to swim in between the gap of these tectonic plate separating Europe from America !

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I've always wanted to vacation in Belize. Great Blue Hole – An incredible blue hole showcasing how our ocean levels fluctuated over history.

: Sky Walking, Mt. Nimbus, Canada.

Sky Walking, Mount Nimbus, British Columbia, Canada – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Giethoorn: the whole village is connected by a water canal system instead of actual roads - so pretty!!

Would love to go to this little Dutch village and . It's called Giethoorn The whole village is connected by a water canal system instead of actual roads so the locals commute daily by boats, kayaks or canoes. Like a Dutch Venice!

The White House - Navajo Ruins - Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

The White House Anasazi ruins in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, on the Navajo reservation. No pat,answer has been found, as to what exactly happened to the Anasazi.

Overlooking Monument Valley From Hunt’s Mesa, Arizona, USA

Monument Valley Tribal Park, Navajo Nation, Arizona USA Overlooking Monument Valley From Hunt's Mesa, Arizona. by Guy Schmickle