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Kabel (font)

ITC Kabel, designed in 1927 by Rudolf Koch, inspired by German expressionism. The ITC version is uglier than the MT/LT version, as it features ITC's typical larger x-height. The MT/LT version is closer to Koch's original.

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The Font of the Future Why do video games still use Eurostile as their on-screen font for menues and subtitles?

Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed in 1927 by Paul Renner. As you can see, it wasn’t designed in the 50′s, but grew substantially at this time with the addition of Light, Light Oblique, Extra Bold, Extra Bold italic.

Design Flashback: 10 Iconic 1950's Fonts

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Univers - created 1957 - created by Adrian Frutiger - two events that happened in The San Francisco and Los Angeles stock exchanges merge to form the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange and President Dwight D. Eisenhower is publicly sworn in

60's typography

Windsor fontsample - Windsor (typeface) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Typeface used on Whole Earth Catalogue

Antique Olive: 1962 by Roger Excoffon.

Here’s what Apple’s completely different San Francisco fonts looked like in 1984 and 2014

FF DIN is a realist sans-serif typeface designed in 1995 by Albert-Jan Pool, based on DIN-Mittelschrift and DIN-Engschrift, as defined in the German standard DIN 1451.[1] DIN is an acronym for Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute of Standardisation). Posters for the film The Wolf of Wall Street use FF DIN.

Stressed out about choosing a font? Cheat Sheet: Above (the first 5 boxes) are some very safe choices if you feel completely at a loss for choosing fonts (and you’re bored of Helvetica - hey, vanilla.

File:Times New Roman-sample.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Times New Roman is a serif typeface commissioned by the British newspaper The Times in created by Victor Lardent at the English branch of Monotype


Goudy Old Style is a free and usable system font. See this specimen, sample for…

Adobe Jenson.svg  It is a classic old style typeface. Well suited for the organic nature of a museum. Finally rendered Serif's in very detail. It's a very sturdy looking type, like it will last. It has modern contrast between the boldest and thinnest strokes. It's all organic, there are no straight lines. Nothing mechanical, nothing repetitive.

Adobe Jenson, based on the work of Nicholas Jenson. Venetian old-style: small "a" counter and slanted "e" bar.