I want fandom gps: Loki tho "that's right darling, in the end you will alway yield"

I want fandom gps: Loki tho "that's right darling, in the end you will alway yield"

I didn't know this either

Am *I* Sam Winchester. Also, when I read it I totally mistook "Sam Winchester" for "sandwich.<<<literally same

Supernatural. It was tear-jerking and full of feels until the kneecap part and now I'm rolling. 《-- Supernatural in a nutshell.

What if Cas died in Dean's arms?What if I kicked you in the kneecap?

If a guy ever used a supernatural line on me I will marry him

This is really awesome because one of the amazing hostesses at my favorite Chinese restaurant is a Supernatural fan. XD<<<<< No you can't marry him. You MUST marry him NOWWW

I actually saw a fanart to this! Someone has seen this post, I am sure of it, and then made the fanart.  I am going to search for this. NOW!

I have one of those in my car and now I'm gonna think of this every time I see it! " Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly"

It was more like a few days on Supernatural.

They haven't gone on a cooking show where the host was actually a witch and she was actually forcing the contestants to make potions and she would then curse the people eating them

mary had two little lambs whose souls were damed to hell, they rose and fought and save the world until the angels fell

I sung this to the tune of Mary has a little lamb!

AGGRESSIVE WORRYING, brought do you by.. The Supernatural Fandom ^-^

*aggressively worries about how even Dean doesn't worry about Dean* *aggressively worries about Dean even more*

Jensen's development <3 <--I didn't really know this about him and wow that's really inspirational to me.

Real life development and growth, why we need this show and these people they help us. They teach us more than any self help book I've ever encountered they are just amazing and I'm so thankful for them.