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What Do Jellyfish Eat? Jelly fish are beautiful creatures. There is 90% of water in their bodies but still they flow along with the flow of water. These creatures eat meat and mate constantly. Jelly fish have certain things which they have in common with other animals.

What Do Jellyfish Eat? Do Have Brains? and All Types of it

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Jellyfish appear like beautiful aliens in Alexander Semenov’s photography, calling a new attraction to a magical species of marine life. Alexander Semenov is a marine biologist and underwater.

Green sea turtle and jellyfish

Stunning Wildlife on

Green Sea Turtle eating Jellyfish - Dimakya, Philippines by Ai Gentel --Exactly why it is dangerous for plastic bags to pollute the oceans, because they are often mistaken as jellyfish and kill turtles.

Some bioluminescence gifs - Album on Imgur

Some bioluminescence gifs

comg jelly Can grow from 1 milimeter to meters feet 11 inches) No brain. They make use of decentralized nerve network to function. Needs water flow to go through their body cavity in order to respire and digest.

Glowing: The tentacles of this Benthic hydromedusa jellyfish appears almost luminous as they reach out in its aquarium

Monsters of the deep revealed! Sealife that live in almost complete darkness shown in crystal clear images

In the dark waters near the Pacific Ocean seafloor a Hydromedusa waves enough tentacles to appear rather like its ancient Greek namesake, Medusa.

Red Jellyfish I Think It’s Safe To Assume It Isn’t A Zombie by Laura Storm

The Root Chakra. When you are Visualizing colors for healing try to see them as vibrant and translucent like the colors in stained glass when sunlight is passing through it. Or like this jelly fish.