Зомби бургер

overload, abundance, different stylistic ways Burger tripping. why does this remind me of my childhood? probably all the simpsons video games on the super nintendo.

Lampadario a forma di polipo

Mason Parker of Mason's Creations has made a spectacular stained glass octopus chandelier with detachable, light-up tentacles. The cephalopod chandelier measures about four feet across, and the bod.


Scratchboard-india ink A fine illustration of an Octopus by Tierra Connor. Silhouette painted with india ink onto a clay scratchboard. Detail added using an xacto knife.

Choose to live healthy by Oscar Ramos

choose to live healthy exercise your will power illustrations by oscar ramos


The World Where Everything's an Iceberg: Is Under the Surface -- Concept art by Gediminas Pranckevicius, thanks to of such an awesome idea! the world would be an even bigger place

Paper Tiger

tribute to my fav band and just a awesome piece of art in itself, imagine it would look nice black and white as a tattoo.

 Fosterginger.Pinterest.ComMore Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ PINTEREST No Pin Limitsでこのようなピンがいっぱいになるピンの限界

DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Octopus Bloom Fleece Throw Blanket, 60 x 80

NB: this is cool. Is there a way to float our name in between the lines and streaks of the antlers? Left antler Northern / Right antler Beauties

Moose Canvas Print by Amy Hamilton. All canvas prints are professionally printed, assembled, and shipped within 3 - 4 business days and delivered ready-to-hang on your wall. Choose from multiple print sizes, border colors, and canvas materials.

N. “Si può stare senza pensare?” M.”Mah, secondo me no. Si pensa sempre.” N. “Io no. Ad esempio quando parlo non penso.” M. “E quando pensi, cosa pensi?&#8…

Pensiero e linguaggio

This is perfect for our Urban Legend Institute. #ULIapproved  “@Regina_Kenney: Anatomy Of The Kiwi. pic.twitter.com/jX6O0feN6g”

Regina Kenney on

kiwi kiwi - Is it a kiwi-fruit or kiwi bird? In NZ, kiwi is the bird, "kiwifruit" is what you eat. Kiwis (the people from NZ) love them both!