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Team both because I like math (but I do it for shit) and I’m good at English

Love to hate definition essay Essays Related to Definition of Hate. The dictionary definition of love states that love is defined as deep affection and warm feeling for another.

my life in a text post

I hate it when I'm so exited to draw and then I get my sketch book, sit there for like 20 mins thinking of what to draw, and then I decide I don't want to draw anymore. (-_-)<<<yep and also when my skills say no

Still don't know why I did that

Still don't know why I did that

It's almost 1 am and I can't stop laughing

So I watch Sesame Street with my toddler. Every time the Mister Noodle routine is on, this story is all I can think of.

Imagine in an argument with someone and you just scream YOU ARE SUCH AN UNNECESSARY MOVIE SEQUEL and storm out of the room

Oh gosh, story time: I read "inconvenient fire drill" and immediately thought of how my university has this habit of springing fire drills on us at 5 am every semester. I'm definitely using "campus-wide 5 am fire drill" as an insult from now on.

The worst thing isn't an F, it's a C because then you can't retake the course and your GPA will need CPR! #collegeproblems

The unfortunate truth…

Funny pictures about The unfortunate truth. Oh, and cool pics about The unfortunate truth. Also, The unfortunate truth.