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This local, raw, unfiltered honey is twice as sweet as white sugar. But it’s still not as sweet as you.

Yes ;-):-D

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.

study sesh by aurora

Very few things beat a man in three piece suit :) Especially when he's Ryan Gosling.

ain't that the truth!


Hey girl, those pictures are perfect. No one will ever know the rest of the house is in chaos.

Community Post: 31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand

*dumps boyfriend, packs everything I know, empties savings account, writes a note for my family* YES :D <3

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's a wedding ring, so wear it maybe. - Ryan Gosling // Tell me you can say this without singing.

I will repin this pic every time i see it!!! I <3 him

Les stars sexy qui ne pensent pas être belles ou sexy

Ryan Gosling ~ Emma Stone’s character in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ said it all to Ryan's Jacob: “Seriously, it’s like you're photo-shopped.” We couldn’t agree more -- Ryan’s abs are on another level of hotness ~ Hollywood's Most Ab-tastic Stars