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the help. ♡

Confession: there are certain people I've met that I did think this. Quote from "The Help"--I love Emma Stone!

Hahaha!!! One of my favorite parts....Don't worry, we'll thro him in the wash. It'll be grand:) http://ibeebz.com

I've got a bag named Louis! "Leap Year" is one of my favorite movies from the And it was released a non-leap year,

Hahaha I have never seen this movie, but this made me laugh to hard not to pin :)

tried Satan's panties ~ Miss Congeniality ~ Movie Quotes

Hahaha  @Julie Carey Josefsberg

It’s Grease Lightning!

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LMAO every time I watch this movie this scene just kills me from laughter hahaha

The Help, revenge is sweet

Community Post: 31 Reasons Why "Miss Congeniality" Is A Certified Classic

31 Reasons Why "Miss Congeniality" Is A Certified Classic

(Ash: This is sort of how I feel of about the North American stereotype associated with my name. I think people expect you to be like"I'm Ashley! Which is at times true haha)Miss Congeniality

#MissCongeniality (2000)

"If only I had a brain!" -Miss Congeniality favorite movie ever!

My favorite scene from The Help <3

Miss Celia, one of the better characters from the Help. None of that stupid black prejudice.

I love Minny. Watched this with my brother last night and he loved it!

Drama Movies - The Help

The Proposal - Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, and Betty White all in one movie - perfection! Did I mention Ryan Reynolds?

So you drink unsweetened cinnamon light soy lattes? ~ The Proposal ~ Movie Quotes

You gotta love remember the titans. One of my favorite movies

Haha Remember the Titans quote.

The Help good movie!

~ The Help ~ Movie Quotes

Drama Movies - The Help

The Help-died at this part

#EliseFranck #RealEstate #investissment #Decoration

Greatest Sweet Home Alabama Movie Quotes That Will Make You Smile

This doesn't accurately capture how Dakota Fanning said "au pair". It's pretty great. Love this movie. RIP Brittany Murphy though

This doesn't accurately capture how Dakota Fanning said "au pair". RIP Brittany Murphy though