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meravigliosa: scala per la luna...

Stairway to the Moon!


"the moon understands dark places. the moon has secrets of her own. she holds what light she can." - Lucille Clifton, from “moonchild”:

Julio Romo- Staged photograph of  Moonrise.

This is sooo photoshopped, but I just love it, the full moon & the lone blue rose of forgetfulness, so poetic

Night y'all Lovely people! Have a goo night!:) I love my followers and will talk to ya later! @Sam McHardy Sentovich @georgia lin. Rose @Kitty Edisto ;)

Goodnight plez have the sweeties dreams tonight.may the stars hang over your head and the moon shine down on your window.remember me when you hear the wind tonight for that is me fighting off the bad dreams in your head.

The lovely moon has seen many billions of years pass by on earth, and keeps all secrets.

The lovely moon has seen lmany billions of years pass by on earth, and keeps all secrets.

Fabulous Full Moon Photography To Keep You Fascinated

Fabulous Full Moon Photography To Keep You Fascinated

Best collection of most beautiful Moon pictures amazing photographs.

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Cool Image

Happy full moon in Leo my friends ♥ I know today was a hard day for many, rife with potential for setbacks or miscommunications ~ it will get better. The mercury retrograde is nearly behind us.

moon art

Bathed in Blue Moonlight

This is so good! I love how the girl is looking up at the moon... Kinda like she wants to be alone with her thoughts for a bit.

Night Under The Stars Looks So Beautiful.

Purple night, gif

I love a raining night!

We are daughters of the moon.

Your Menstrual Cycle and the Moon

night moon girl under the stars

~J  Only the lonely...

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En sus días el justo brotará, y la abundancia de paz hasta que la luna ya no sea. (Salmo 72:7)  SB

Wallpaper Spring Reflecting Pool & the Argent Sakura Moon Wallpaper. By Artist Unknown.

Inner peace starts with the heart...being alone, learning to love yourself for who you are, where you are, and how you are..love this pic <3

Gazing out at the Moon - It's a beautiful world!

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."  Edgar Allan Poe

Gothic - mysterious stormy night of the full moon bat flying over full moon rising above clouds, black white gray photographs